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Nashik IVF 1'st Indo-German Center in India

Dedicated To Women’s Health

Welcome to Nashik Fertility Center Which is Fertility Specialist In Nashik Located at Gangapur Road in Nashik(Maharashtra). Nashik Fertility Center is India’s First Indo-German Center Which is providing the world-class Fertility Treatment to their patient.

Dr. Nalini Bagul is a Director of Nashik Fertility Center having renowned & experienced consultant practicing Obstetrician, Gynecologist, Fertility Specialist & Laparoscopist since last 20 years in Nashik.

NFC is Established in 1996, Dr. Bagul Hospital or Nashik Fertility Center is a one of the distinguished 25-bed Gynecologist Hospital and fertility specialist in Nashik offering the latest and the best possible expertise, technology and equipment with best patient care. Headed by Dr. Nalini Bagul, an Eminent Obstetrician, Gynaecological, Laparoscopic Surgeon & Infertility Specialist from Nashik(Maharashtra).

The Hospital has surpassed excellence in Health Care. The hospital is fully air-conditioned spread over 6000 Sq.Ft. in the heart of Nashik City with all facilities under one premise. The ever smiling staff at reception are always eager to guide the patients & their relatives.  Nurses and other paramedical staff are thoroughly professional in their dealings with indoor patients & their attendant.

The Embryology Labs of Nashik Fertility Center is well Equipped With the latest Equipments Which are imported from special suppliers across the world. Our IVF labs go along with Globally accepted protocols and quality systems for handling of eggs and sperms.

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Nashik Fertility Center

Nashik Fertility Center

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fertility specialist in nashik
Nashik Fertility Center
fertility specialist in nashik
Fertility Specialist In Nashik





IUI is a specialized laboratory treatment offered by Nashik IVF, India.

In IVF the egg and sperms from the couple are allowed to fuse.

This treatment is done under a highly magnified and powerful microscope.

In couples who have undergone repeated failures of implantation.

nashik fertility center
nashik fertility center
nashik fertility center
Nashik Fertility Center





Men who have no sperm in their semen, despite having clear tubes.

Egg and embryo donation are ways to help you conceive, using donors.

Surrogacy is a method or agreement whereby a woman agrees.

The process of preserving an embryo at sub-zero temperatures.

Fertility Specialist In Nashik